Why 76% of people are more productive working remotely.

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A public survey of 5,500 people explain why they prefer to work outside the office.

Many would like to do their jobs from the comfort of their own homes or anywhere they choose, but those who want to work remotely have specific reasons why they prefer to not be in the office at specific times.






  • The money and power to control a flexible schedule (69%)
  • Remote working (60%)
  • Fewer distractions (76%)
  • More productive when not in the office environment (66%)
  • Stress and expense of commuting (70%)
  • No office politics (69%)
  • No uniforms/own comfortable clothing (54%)
  • Personalising office environment (51%)
  • Less frequent meetings (46%)

Since 2013, work-life balance has been the number one choice. The search for jobs that allow for remote working is not all about the creature comforts of home; many feel they simply do a better job when they can choose where they work.

Most people think that remote work is mainly done by caregivers, students looking for extra cash, or working parents. However, the survey discovered that only 35% of respondents were working parents, and only 9% were caregivers or students.

Other categories of respondents included freelancers (26%), introverts (23%), and entrepreneurs (21%).

Employers are further embracing the remote work and flexible schedule dynamic as well. There have been many companies advertising for more remote workers, deciding to close their offices and go more remote instead of having the in-office work model.

Companies that have been following that growth trend include Amazon, Salesforce, Philips, Dell, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Mozilla, Adobe, Cisco Systems, Google, Matrix247 Partnerships and many more.

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