Karl secures national chain of chemists

?2 years ago I made the move to be an agent for Matrix247 and I wouldn?t change a thing.?

Karl who is a Full-Time Partner Consultant has recently successfully secured the account of a national chain of chemists with 220 sites across the UK.

Bringing in this account has reduced the retail chemists annual telecoms overheads by ?70,000 per annum and Karl also provided them with fraud protection. This has enabled Karl to receive over ?1,000 additionally on his monthly revenue income stream as a part of the Matrix247 partnership programme, utilising the benefits that Matrix247 Platinum network services can deliver.

Karls next program with the national chemist is implementing the Matrix247 Cisco Nimbus Hosted Telephony Solution across all sites.

?My lifestyle has totally changed. Financially I?m in a lot stronger position, I?ve got? a great house in a lovely village luckily, it?s enabled me to get a quality car, so the benefits of becoming a Full-time Partner Consultant well out-weigh working for a company directly.

Working with Matrix247 you feel like you?re part of a big team. You?ve always got the support and if you want to put the work in and get as most as you can out of it then there is nothing stopping you. Whatever size client you are looking to work on you have got the back up from a company that?s got a lot of longevity behind it.

I enjoy managing myself and coming up with my own ideas. A big benefit enables me to go to the gym or do something with family whenever I wish. ?I am my own boss to move my diary around as I please. That is a really big one for me!?

Karl: Full-Time Partner Consultant.