Full-Time Partner ADDS ?1,120 To Their Monthly Revenue Stream

Partner adds ?1000 to their monthly revenue stream

With offices throughout the North West, this charity provides careers advice to young people and adults. Our partner added over ?1000 to their monthly revenue stream for the next 24 months by supplying a mobiles solution.

The charity were previously spending lots of money with EE on overage charges. This was due to staff accidentally going over their data allowance.?Our full-time partner significantly reduced their costs by barring their chosen data allowances and applying special tariffs.?Therefore, once they have reached their limit the data?stopped.

It is hard for the charity to know which mobile is allocated to who, what their data allowance is and?where each mobile is. Our partner support team help the customer by tracking each mobile providing a fully managed solution.?This eases the transition on the managers whilst enabling the staff to improve communication between clients and enhance customer experience.

As a partner, if you want to understand how to configure mobile deals for your clients whilst providing them?with a win-win situation and add substantial income streams to your monthly earnings, please contact Claire Kelly or your Partnership Support Manager for more details or call 0345 362 0 247.

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